Signage Design

A self-initiated project


India is a country of many languages. The language of one region may become difficult to decipher by the people of other regions, including its immediate neighbouring region.

This coupled problem of multilingualism and illiteracy has to be tackled when dealing with signage system for public places.

The approach to include graphic symbols in the signage is a commonly accepted solution. The graphic symbols are designed to be simple and effective for visual communication.

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For the purpose of my project, apart from my local field trips, I have taken the aid of a crowdsourced geotag service called Mapillary. Mapillary is a crowd-sourced database of street-level images captured with a smartphone by a world-wide community of volunteers. Images uploaded to Mapillary are licensed under Creative Commons and automatically analysed by computer vision algorithms to locate traffic signs and other objects. Similar services include Google’s popular Street View.